Multivalent Browser

NEW Fabio Corubolo's Fab Four browser builds on top of Multivalent document parsing and rendering engine to add a Swing interface, tabs, and printing.

How to Run

After downloading the browser, simply

double-click on its icon
or from the command line type
java -jar path-to-JAR/Multivalent.jar
with Multivalent.jar in the current directory or in your CLASSPATH. If it is sluggish on Windows, try turning off DirectX:
java -Dsun.java2d.ddoffscreen=false -jar Multivalent.jar
The browser starts up with an introduction page and links to more documentation, as well as many demos, most of which can't be demonstrated in HTML / JavaScript / DOM.

To run through a proxy, set the relevant properties as described by Sun, as in something like

java -jar Multivalent.jar

Ed Randall reports that it can be run as a servlet by first setting the user.home variable, which is otherwise null:

JAVA_OPTS="-Duser.home=/tmp"; export JAVA_OPTS

Built-in Features

This page organizes and links to documentation for features that happen to be packaged with the base system. See Links for third-party extensions. The documentation will often include a screen dump and demo the feature, the latter in most cases requiring the Multivalent Browser to experience.

Media Adaptors

Natively view all formats.

Documents compressed with UNIX compress or GNU gzip or BZip2 are uncompressed on the fly.


All document formats can be annotated. See annotations as notemarks in View menu.
Edit, delete, and move annotations.


Lenses are moveable, resizable windows that transform the content seen through them. When lenses overlap, their effects compose.



Network-related Behaviors



Developer Support

Developers can take advantage of these system features:

Turning on Debug Mode in the Help menu activates a new Debug menu with several introspection tools.

Standard Features

The browser supports most standard browser features, including: