Java Bugs / RFE

In some areas Multivalent stresses corners of the vast and excellent Java libraries. You can vote on which bugs or feature enhancements most relevant to the browser by joining Sun's Java Developer Connection and voting three times for one or more of the following:

Multivalent Bugs and Support

We are accepting bugs and support requests specifically related to PDF and Tools and DVI only, not for the Browser or other document formats.

Before reporting a bug:

Report bugs to bug tracker on sourceforge (NOT via email). The forum is used so that lots of people have a chance to answer your question faster, and so that the same question does not get answered repeatedly. Include the following information in bug reports. Often only one or two pieces of information will quickly point directly to the bug, but it's hard in advance to know which piece.

  1. A document that exhibits the problem!. This is essential in order to be able to reproduce the problem, and once fixed the document is added to the regression testing suite. The document can be made available via URL, emailed as an attachment, or uploaded to sourceforge with a button on the bug report form. If the document is sensitive, generate another the same way that isn't. If the issue is with a tool that processes one document and products another, it's the original document that's wanted.
  2. What are you trying to do? Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the details when the problem is better addressed at a higher level.
  3. Does this happen in all cases / with all documents, or just in particular cases?
  4. (A stack trace is not helpful.)
  5. Describe your system:
  6. Describe the bug (what was expected, what actually happened)
  7. Describe how to reproduce the bug. If you were running a tool from the command line, copy and paste this line.
General questions and discussion can be found on the Multivalent forums on sourceforge.

Known Bugs