Apple II files: DOS 3.3, ProDos, Universal Disk; ShrinkIt; Applesoft, AppleWorks Word Processor, AppleWorks Database. With instant Print Shop graphics display.


Screen dump

Sample documents: DOS 3.3 with Print Shop display, ShrinkIt, Applesoft, AppleWorks word processor, AppleWorks database.


Apple II. Note that this is a separate download; from the download page simply download AppleII.jar into the same directory as Multivalent.jar.

File system viewer for DOS 3.3, ProDOS, Universal Disk

Scrollable catalog. Sortable by filename, type, size, date. Click on filenames to view file content. Extract files. Automatically displays Print Shop graphics.


Display contents. Later decompress and extract.

AppleWorks Word Processor

Run as an application to write HTML conversion to stdout: java -classpath .../Multivalent.jar a2.adaptor.AppleWorksWP file Viewer. When run from command line, converts to HTML.

AppleWorks Database


Applesoft pretty printer

Run as an application to convert Applesoft file to HTML. java -classpath .../Multivalnet.jar a2.adaptor.Applesoft file...

BUGS: HTML view doesn't preserve multiple spaces within strings or comments

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