Parser/renderer for HTML 3.2.


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HTML has taken over the world. The specification of HTML and related standards can be found at the World Wide Web Organization (W3C). Hopefully, XML will be used for documents meant for people (as opposed to computers) to read, but I doubt it.

HTML support includes a corrective parser that handles real world HTML. Only a vanishingly small percentage of the "HTML" on the WWW is correct according to the HTML specification. Apparently, most people just throw tags at a browser hoping something sticks, and HTML authoring tools produce a class of errors unimaginable by the human hand. Believe you-me, the situation is worse than you could imagine. Like what? Nulls (00 bytes) in the middle of documents, structural areas such as TABLE and FORM mixed so it's not possible to convert to XHTML, multiple HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags randomly placed, ... it is endless. There is, of course, no list of the errors, so a browser writer just has to run into perverse cases as they come up.

Many other document formats can be bridged into the Multivalent system quickly and easily by converting to HTML on-the-fly, rather than directly building document tree data structures. For example, Perl POD does this with just a few lines of code, and local directory and Zip file displays do this to take advantage of HTML tables.


HTML 3.2 including:

but excepting:

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