Manual Page Screen Dumps

This screen dump shows the image of a UNIX manual page. Notice that the page is presented as an outline, which shows the structure of the document in a screen or two. Often one consults a man page to check the nameing or availability of command line options; these override the outline to show immediately. Man pages do not have explicit hyperlinks, but likely references to other pages are made into links and any word can be clicked on an search for as a man page reference.

Description of manual page support.

screendump of manual page

Lists of all man pages in a volume are available, also in a convenient outline form to reduce scrolling. As shown in the screen dump below, each volume has its own outline section, annotated with the number of pages in that section. Clicking on the volume title opens to show an alphabetized list of pages, as shown for File Formats below. Manual page volume lists can be annotated; here we have highlighted a few of our most-used manual pages ("zip", "canvas", "text") so that even when their volume list is collapsed, we can directly click on the name to see that page.

screendump of manual page volume