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The Javadoc API can be downloaded and is online.

The source code takes advantage of Java generics. Generics allow one to typecheck container classes among other things, but compile to classes that can run on Java 1.4 JVMs. If you see a class with a part in angle brackets, as in CHashMap<V>, you can safely ignore that part.


Source Code Examples

How to Compile

In the first place, the system is designed to be extended without modification of the core: you should be able to use the prebuilt Multivalent.jar as is. Moreover, Java byte codes are cross-platform, so there is no need to compile for different operating systems.

In you do compile for other reasons, be sure to compile with Java 1.5's javac with the -source 1.5 option, and to copy over the supporting files (non-compiled .class, images, sounds, hubs, and so on) files from the browser JAR. Some classes refer to other packages like Lucene or the TAP font library, so it is probably easiest to unpack the JAR and use the existing .class and other files, and just compile classes that are changed.

Ed Randall posted an Ant build file on the Help forum in the "how to compile multivalent" thread that compiles under Java 1.4 with the generics compiler, and for those using Java 1.5 Greg Novak posted a simplified version.