Digital documents research and development.
Distributing Java software for scanned paper, PDF, HTML, UNIX manual pages, TeX DVI, and more

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Natively view HTML, PDF, TeX DVI, man pages, and other document formats

Annotate in situ on all formats, robustly anchored


Lenses (show OCR, decypher, magnify)


HTML: Robust Hyperlink signing

All document formats: UPDATED Extract text, structure, and links. Full-text search with Lucene


Deep and pervasive browser extension via behaviors

Parse all formats, extract content and style from DOM, format and extract layout geometry

Render all formats
and embed in Swing

PDF library: read - modify - write (supports PDF 1.5)


NEW Digital Preservation

A Platform for New Ideas

Robust Hyperlinks

Robust Locations

PDF Compression: "Two Diet Plans for Fat PDF" and Compact PDF Specification


Creator: Tom Phelps
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